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Five flower is aspersed to choose good method

2015-04-24 10:43:17 tip:

1. see water method 

Actually about the shower, feeling method directly affects the water bath. About the past type, strong beam type, usually on the market launch of the five sections of massage shower more popular, (hairdressing chair) it can regulate the strong type, soft type, moderate type, hybrid power in the form, water can also spray methods, such as massage, finely, rotating body relax. 


2. the self-cleaning function 

About having shower, drainage holes are mostly hidden inside, and now the shower will be exposed to the outside drainage holes, mostly on the water quality characteristics of the north, rubber texture of drainage holes is easier to clean, it is not the scale, common when in the bath is more convenient for cleaning, (beauty-care equipment), cloth to wipe all can with the hand, in addition, the opening is highlighted in the outside, the shower water could be more natural. 


3. the eruption 

From her appearance, shower nozzle shape seems similar, see its eruption is necessary choice to outstanding can shower can balance together, each one tiny orifice eruption under different water pressure to guaranteeing stirring of the shower, can choose to see the eruption can try when water flow evenly 


4. see water saving function 

Consumers in the choose and buy when the shower, water saving problem of natural mentioned by them. Shower of steel ball valve core, regulate hot water controller, can regulate the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water flowed agile accurate, using new technology, not only can saving water, also do not affect a bath of comfort, under normal circumstances, (hairdressing chair) describe reasonable shower shower than usual to water saving 50%. 


5. exterior coating affect beautiful and use life 

Shower coating is good or bad, in addition to affect the quality and using life, also affect the usual cleaning, chrome showers usually appearance, good coating can in the high temperature of 150 ° c for 1 hour, no bubbles, no wrinkle, no crack off representation; Acetic acid salt spray test 24 hours no corrosion. When the choice to see its luster and smooth degree, light and smooth shower to clarify uniform coating, the quality is good.